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04 May 2006 @ 01:25 pm
Frodo/Sam Fic  
I'm bad, I know. It's been like a week since I promised to post this fic, but I just couldn't find time for it. Anyway, here is it now:

Author: Changetje
Beta: Siriah
Pairings: Frodo/Sam Sam/Unknown (Mentioning of Frodo/Unknown)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Sam goes checking on Frodo who's seems to be asleep
Disclaimer: Not mine, just love playing with them
Note: There will be a surprise pairing

Creeping up on you

Sam was laying on the couch, he drowsed a bit and his eyes were closed, but he was not asleep. Because he was smiling. His thoughts, well, fantasies actually, had wandered off and they weren’t innocent anymore. There was a bulge in his pants and his hand slowly went down. You can guess now what Sam was thinking about. Indeed, Frodo.
God, he wanted Frodo so badly. If he could only go to his bedroom…Sam thought. Not that Frodo didn’t like lads, everybody knew that, but his gardener? No, he was too low for Frodo. And besides, if Sam would go to Frodo’s bedroom now, he would think Sam only came for the sex, not for his love. Of course he wanted Frodo’s love! He wanted nothing more than that. But sometimes it got out of hand, and hey, he was still a lad.
Nevertheless he decided to go to Frodo’s bedroom, just to check if he was asleep already and to bring him a glass of water.

‘Frodo, are you asleep yet?’ Sam whispered, when he entered the room. He walked over to Frodo’s bed and put the glass on the nightstand. He looked at Frodo, who seemed to be asleep, but then his voice said: ‘There you are! Where have you been?’
Sam looked confused, what did Frodo mean? Had he had a glass of wine too much or something? ‘Err, Frodo, what do you mean?’ he asked carefully.
‘Where were you the whole time? I was waiting for you the entire time! It almost made me limp again,’ Frodo answered, he sounded excited.
‘Limp?’ Sam swallowed, under his blankets, was Frodo really…? To his shame he found himself turned on and he felt how tight his breeches were.
‘Yes, limp. Is this one of your naughty games? Letting me wait? Hmm, I see through you, you know,’ Frodo went on. Sam didn’t answer. He saw how Frodo’s hand moved under the blankets. ‘Well, what are you waiting for?!' Why was Frodo talking like that? He really wanted Sam to join him? His cock was begging for attention, but his mind was doubting. Maybe he shouldn’t do it.
Suddenly a hand came from under the sheets and pulled Sam on the bed. Frodo began to kiss him fierily.
‘Frodo, Frodo,’ Sam tried one more time, but was pushed into the soft pillows by Frodo and couldn’t get away anymore. Ah, who cares, Sam thought, if Frodo wanted this so bad, it was okay. He'd just let him do as he pleased for once.

Sam woke up with a start when he felt something against his thigh. It felt like a…tongue? He looked, as far as he could in the moonlight, to the big bulge under the sheets. He wanted to say something about it, but then the tongue moved upwards to his cock, which had already been hard when he woke up. He fell back in the pillows and sighed. Whoa, he thought, Frodo must be really horny, if he wants me without me being awake.
Frodo breathed on Sam’s cock. Sam gasped, he needed Frodo to suck him. Frodo spread Sam’s legs further. He grabbed Sam’s cock and licked the top slowly. A shudder ran through Sam’s body. From his cock, all the way up and down again. His cock was painfully hard, but Sam didn’t mind. It turned him on even more. He breathed loudly and couldn’t say anything. But he wanted to say Frodo needed to go on. He needed to be in Frodo’s mouth. Luckily Frodo did just what Sam was thinking. He started to lick him faster and harder.
When Frodo took the top in his mouth, Sam moaned, grabbing the blankets tight. He felt how Frodo sucked him hard, also playing with his tongue. Sam bit his lip, grabbing the blankets even tighter. Frodo took his whole cock in his mouth and sucked. Sam let out a big cry, he knew he was going to come very soon. But Frodo came faster than him, he heard a gag and gasp from under the sheets. Sam came in Frodo’s mouth a second later, crying out loud.

Sam panted and shuddered, this was the best blowjob he'd ever had. Frodo was pretty skilled, who'd taught him this?
He wanted to say Frodo could come out from under the sheets, but before he could open his mouth, the door opened. Frodo stood in the doorway.
Sam’s mouth fell open. Frodo stood there?! But if he was there, then who was laying under the sheets? Then who'd given him the blowjob?
‘Sam! What are you doing in my bed?” Frodo asked confused. In the candlelight, Frodo was holding a candle in his hand, he saw how Sam still panted a little with a big bulge between his legs.
‘I’d better ask what you're doing in the doorway, sir!’ Sam said, also confused.
‘What do you mean, Sam?’ Frodo didn’t understand this anymore, ‘I thought you were sleeping on the couch?’
‘Well, I was. But when I brought a glass of water to you, you started to talk very dirty and pulled me under the sheets!’
‘That was you?!’ Frodo shrieked, putting a hand over his mouth.
‘You didn’t know?’ Sam called. He was shocked and the same moment he felt how his heart broke.
‘No…’ Frodo said slowly, ‘I thought you were-’
‘Me,’ Merry said, who came out from under the sheets.

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grapeofdeath on May 4th, 2006 10:50 am (UTC)
I liked how it started, but now I'm very sad for Sam... You'll need to make a sequel so Frodo can make it up to him. :)
grapeofdeath on May 4th, 2006 10:54 am (UTC)
You also might want to make a note at the beginning that there will also be a surprise pairing...
Chochangetje on May 4th, 2006 11:27 am (UTC)
Thanks :)
Yeah, maybe I'll make a sequel. And will make the note too ;)